Our Name

Well, you might be asking yourself where I came up with the name The Biscuits n Gravy Band? The truth is when contemplating a name for a band, one often scans their own memories and nicknames. During college, I had a boss that quickly named me Biscuit due to my fondness of biscuits, bread, crackers, etc. (Yea, the low carb diet wasn’t on my radar!) It only seemed natural to accompany the name Biscuits with Gravy. We play anything to keep you rockin' all night long. Just as a plate of Biscuits n Gravy, we play a variety of music to cover your plate and leave you satisfied. We play Classic Rock, 70's, 80's, Groove and a little bit of everything else. We are truly a delicacy to enjoy. We have a great time playing, and do our best to make sure our guests have a great time too!

~ Karen

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