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The Biscuits n Gravy band would like to thank those who have shared these comments:

Wanted to thank you for coming to our big town of Bushnell. I brought two of my older neighbors to watch you. They are 86 and 73 years young and they both thoroughly loved it as I did. Again, thank you for coming, and I hope to see you here more often in the coming years. ~ Clydeena H.

Thanks for making my 40th Birthday bash such an amazing party!!! I had friends who flew in from all over the country (and the world) and they kept commenting on how “good the band was”. I’m sure I heard it from at least 20 people !! You guys read the crowd right and because of your expansive song list – you were able to keep people up and dancing the whole night! And, you were entertaining otherwise too! From the wigs to the biscuit tosses - you guys truly MADE the party!

Thanks too, for all of your work on the party set up and the care and concern you put in to make it special. They are memories I’ll have for a lifetime. You can be sure, when I’m back in the Midwest, I’m going to be a “Biscuits n Gravy” junkie! Thanks again to all! ~ Ebus (Elizabeth Estes-Cooper)

We all enjoyed your musical talent at the Clinton Eagles the other night. You brought a lot of fun & great music to our club. I don't know how many people came to me and said," you need to get these guys back again!!!"
~ Rodney B.

Thank you Biscuits n Gravy band for a delightful, entertaining evening. It was apparent from the first number that you enjoy what you do and that spills over to everyone in the room. The way you draw in audience participation, we were all sorry when the evening was over. ~ Sue B.

You are a great band! Everyone I’ve talked to enjoys the variety of music, the fact that you can understand the lyrics, there are so many songs to dance to (whether you like to dance fast or slow!), the band has fun in the process, etc. Part of how the crowd perceives the band comes from the band’s body language, facial expressions, etc…. ~ Jackie W.

Really enjoyed the last 2 times you played at The Western. Good music and real entertainment. We had a really good time.... ~ Kathy A.

If you want to hear good music and have a good time, then come on out and see "Biscuits n Gravy!"
~ Stephanie R.

My friends and I had a wild and wonderful time rocking to the tunes of Biscuits n Gravy! There was a wide variety of really upbeat music that was just plain fun. One of the things that impressed me most about the band was the awesome amount of diverse talent, the number of fantastic lead singers and variety of instruments. They really kept things moving at a great pace, playing to and interacting with the crowd. Whether you enjoy just listening or like to get up and dance, this band is great! I have already told several of my friends and they are looking forward to seeing the band play, too. ~ JoAnn O.

Biscuits n Gravy is great down home fun. If you don't like to dance, you will with this band. Makes you wanna jump up and boogie. Heck, they will even dance with ya! Great Music, Great Time! ~ Sharon G.

When I first heard Biscuits n Gravy play I was amazed at the diversity of music they knew and played well… from pop, to rock, to country, to jazz, to oldies… all of which had a great sound and a great beat to get out and dance to. They are a very personable band and made our company's event such a successful one, that we will not hesitate to invite them to pep up another event! ~ Robin S.

The first time I heard Biscuit and Gravy, I noticed not only their broad song selection and the wide variety of sounds they brought to the event. The bands energy and fun interaction with the group really engaged people and encouraged them not only to hit the dance floor but to groove with the music. All in all, I feel, Biscuit and Gravy made our event enjoyable and memorable. ~ Patrick C.

Note: While the Biscuits n Gravy band has not yet been approved by the F.D.A., data recently acquired (below) suggests this band could be a lifesaver. (Hee Haw!)

"The Biscuits n Gravy Band saved my life. You see, my life had lost it's luster. It felt like I was just going through the motions, and I - well..I was ready to give up. Then I heard the sweetest sound. I thought it was an angel that had come down from heaven to get me, but it wasn't -- it was the BnG band playing "Hippie Hippie Shake." My toe started to tap, then my head started to bob and before I knew it my feet were actually dancing -- carrying me out to the dance floor where I proceeded to shake my thang in front of God and everyone! Suddenly colors looked brighter and flowers smelled sweeter. My life has been great since then. Thank you, Biscuits n Gravy Band!" ~ Lori B.


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